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Venezuelan-Latin Breakfast, Lunch & Dinners

D'Road Cafe is a delicious, delightful Venezuelan-Latin Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners Restaurant with a unique style and flavor open for dine–in, take-out and waiter delivery from 8:30am to 2:00pm Tuesday through Saturday.


A different menu from Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30am to 2:00pm, choose a meat and three sides and get a delicious homemade dessert to finish your tasty meal.

A little info about D'Road Cafe
Latin American restaurant serving breakfast & lunch in downtown Montgomery. Arepas, Empanadas, Criollo, Cachapa, Venezuelan Street Food & International Cuisine. The Venezuelan cuisine is known for is its authentic and flavorful cuisine, strongly influenced by the Spanish, Italians, Portuguese, French as well as the indigenous Amerindians and Africans.
  • Take-out and Waitr delivery from 8:30am to 2:00pm Tuesday through Saturday.
  • We cater Coffee Breaks for business meetings and events.
  • 300+ Reviews on Google and Facebook with a Perfect rating.
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  • Address: 121 Montgomery St., Montgomery AL, 36104.
  • We have free Wi-Fi too!
  • Sunday: Closed.
  • For more information give us a call!


D'Road Cafe is the best Latin food choice in town!

If you live in Montgomery, AL, visiting or passing through, do not leave without having a taste of Pabellón Criollo, it is an explosion of flavors, in addition to that, the dish is also very healthy and provides nutrients that your body needs, giving them the strength they need to function day in and day out!

D’Road Cafe began operations in 2011 at Atlanta Hwy and Bell Road with no more than 6 tables; the idea was to provide a healthy alternative for breakfast, lunch and dinner for those who wanted to eat hearty Latin food.

People started talking about our little place and thanks to them and the community we were given the opportunity to grow and open a 2nd location in Downtown were we have capacity for 50 people.

Our motto is that you can eat and feel at home!

We don’t have a conventional restaurant, I really want you to feel at home, when you go home, and you say ‘Mom, what do you have?’ She says, ‘Come to the kitchen and see.’ You say, ‘OK, I want this, this and this.’ You take your plate, and you go and sit down. So that’s how we work; choose your table, get your drink and when you are ready tell us your selection of one meat and three sides all included in one price. We have desserts too!

I believe that food is happiness and I want to share that with my family and friends, I want you to be part of our family too; we will be expecting to hear from you.


Reviews from our clients on Google

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This was utterly delicious. Came from Huntsville and checked it out while visiting. The service was fantastic and my friends and I were treated like family. Janett (the chef) clearly loves what she does and it shows in her attitude and it shows in the food. Please give this place a try.
review from William Kindoll

William Kindoll

a week ago (Feb 11, 2024)
The huge plate of food was completely homemade with fresh ingredients. Delicious. It would be easy to pass this place by, but don’t!
review from Mike Mueller

Mike Mueller

3 months ago (Nov 07, 2023)
My son and I had an AMAZING brunch a few days ago. The ambience and aesthetic are really interesting! Definitely an interesting inside view of Montgomery's architectural history - don't miss the bathrooms! 😉 The French toast nearly overwhelmed my 12yo, and I got the Crazy Eggs. Worth every surprising bite! And my goodness, the owner's energy and friendliness are so genuine - I promise we'd go weekly if we lived there!
review from Erin Wood

Erin Wood

4 months ago (Oct 09, 2023)
Food and hospitality were amazing. You’re treated like family and you can tell how much passion goes into the cooking. We went during a hot bar menu so got a little bit of everything and it was all great. Definitely recommend.
review from Stephanie Erivez

Stephanie Erivez

5 months ago (Aug 29, 2023)
In my trip to Montgomery this was the most satisfying and best experience. The staff was so nice and the owner is passionate about what she offers. The food was very flavorful and delightful. This is something different and worthwhile to make time to try. You will not find anything comparable in a chain of the big breakfast places or as much care as they have in their food. Felt so welcome and open to explain the menu.
review from Jason Diekmeyer

Jason Diekmeyer

6 months ago (Aug 17, 2023)
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Our Restaurant is conveniently located at 121 Montgomery St., Montgomery AL, 36104